Atlantic Palms Resort - Atlantic Palms Sucks

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 0 comments

We booked a "ocean view" room here and were told we would have some view of the ocean, but not at all, instead we are stuck looking at cement and hearing loud construction next door.We asked to change rooms and of course they said no way.

It took my husband over 45 minutes just to get this lousy room. It is not worth it folks - terrible customer service.... Parking is way across the street and behind another building. There was only one person working at the font desk with about 15 people in line waiting to check in.

Don't be deceived by the pictures online.

Sometimes things just aren't what they appear to be.

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Atlantic Palms Resort - Nightmare at Atlantic Palms-Myrtle Beach SC

Decatur, Georgia 3 comments
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First let me say to whomever reads this " DO NOT stay here" This is the worst hotel attached with the worst owner and customer service I have ever witnessed! My Wife and I were married 6 years ago in Myrtle Beach; so we decided to go back to where it all started for us. Thanks to this hotel and owner, our trip was ruined. It started with us paying for a ocean front room; after driving 5 hours, we were told no ocean front rooms were available. We were switched to an upgrade without any prior contact or notice. This upgrade was called the penthouse, well the penthouse view was a red roof top view of a neighboring unfinished hotel, the room key cards didn't work daily, the room was dirty,dusty, uncomfortable bed & no alarm clock. The desk clerk apologized and promised to give us another vacation at a later date of our choice since all of this made my wife cry. The parking area was far from the hotel, no security on site, no restaurant, no bar & no way to access the beach! I promise; every person that we met at this hotel was very upset and dissatisfied. We found out the next day that the free vacation was turned down by the owner and his exact words were " if they don't like it here, they can check out because they will just complain anyway" What business man speaks this way about their customers? Housekeeping did not clean the sinks, toilet and bathroom. They did not sweep or mop the floors. To make this trip even worse, we woke up Sunday to check out only to find out that we had no water to take a shower or use the restroom. We found out later it was because of a leak in another unit that would be repaired in 20 minutes. After waiting an hour, we decided to skip the shower and get out of the nightmare hotel. This hotel is NOT NEW, just newly renovated with terrible ownership. (True Story)

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I also stayed at this 'resort' and agree with everything you say.It was the most disgusting, run down, flea infested 'resort' I've ever stepped foot in!

We had a flea infestation, and was told that there was no current manager to speak to, because he just walked out... so they were trying to run it themselves. Bull.

I've tried many times to contact them, to no avail.Do NOT even think about staying here!!!

Bucuresti, Bucharest, Romania #16637

Well I didn't think the accommodation's were all that bad and there was direct beach access through the ground level parking garage where the pools were, but it doesn't make up for the horrible experience I had as well.When hearing a woman screaming for help and crying in the next room we call the front desk requesting help hoping that they will call the police.

When we checked out just hours later they stated they had contacted the male individual in the room and it seemed to be non violent. Extremely upsetting, we tell the man at the front desk that it was violent as we heard the woman hit the floor and wall a few times. He says he can't do anything further, he never requested to see the woman in the room to verify she was even alive... absolutely intolerable...

we have a responsibility to protect one another and these people did nothing as though it was none of their business when there was violence at their hotel... I've stayed at a run down super 8 that would have done more.

I will never stay at this hotel again and will be telling everyone I know of the experience.I just regret we didn't call the police ourselves instead of the front desk.

Big Stone Gap, Virginia, United States #10385

All hotels overbook rooms because people constantly dont show up for their reservations.It is unfortunate that the "upgrade" was worse than the other room.

Typically thats not the case. Dont put your key card anywhere near another credit card or cell phone otherwise this will happen. Not saying you did but just letting you know. If you want a hotel with a bar & restaurant check to see if they have one before you book.

Its not their fault you didnt check.The cleaning at this hotel sounds like a nightmare.

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